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Knowledgebase : Webmin
After login 1) Click on SYSTEM on the left pane of the window 2) Now select USERS AND GROUP under system 3) Now click on CREATE NEW USER 4) After that fill the require detail in the form 5) Now click on CREATE
Open your web browser and put the below url in address bar. https://:10000/ After that login into using your username and password.
1) Click on DISK QUOTA on the left pane of the window 2) Now click on ECLIPS infront of edit user quotas 3) After that SELECT A USER for whome you want to set a quota. 4) Now click on EDIT USER QUOTA to set a defined quota for a user. 5) Th...
1) Click on BANDWIDTH MONITORING 2) Now you can select the time period for which you want to see the traffic. 3) then click on GENERATE REPORT
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